Farming & Life Sim Games

Farming and life simulation video games are a genre that revolves around managing and experiencing the life of a character in a virtual world, often focusing on activities like farming, raising livestock, and interacting with NPCs (non-player characters). These games emphasize simulation aspects that simulate daily life, relationships, and activities within a fictional or semi-realistic setting. Farming and life simulation games appeal to players interested in relaxation, creativity, strategic planning, and the satisfaction of building and managing their virtual lives and communities.

Coming 2024


JanduSoft, Eric Rodríguez

Congratulations, you’ve bought your own planet! An agrarian rock at the edge of the galaxy that, for some reason, was practically being given away for free. So the time has come to leave your hectic, stressful life in an overcrowded metropolis for a more rural and rewarding life.

July 24, 2024


Audience Rating: Pending

Ova Magica

Skinny Frog, ClaudiaTheDev, Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Stardew Valley meets Pokémon! Experience a wholesome JRPG-farm game inspired by the classics! Train cute blob creatures, take care of your farm and make friends with the people of Clover Town.

July 23, 2024


Audience Rating: Pending

Magical Delicacy

Skaule, Whitethorn Games

A wholesome pixel art platformer. Cook magical delicacies from a vast collection of ingredients in your own shop. Explore an unfamiliar town and deliver tasty treats to the townsfolk. Learn new ways to traverse, discover secrets, and experience a unique witchy world.

July 16, 2024


Audience Rating: Pending

The Last Alchemist

Vile Monarch, Marvelous Europe

Master the wonders of alchemy! Solve alchemical puzzles by transforming and combining Essences. Craft items, tools and machines. Explore the enchanting world, gather peculiar resources, and befriend the Agari, adorable mushroom folk who will help you find the cure for your mysterious disease.

July 12, 2024


Audience Rating: Pending


inDirection Games, Slug Disco

You have been magically summoned by mysterious gnomes to restore a long-lost garden. Attract adorable animals, build a lush environment, and immerse yourself in this relaxing garden-builder. Will you manage to reclaim the wasteland or succumb to a looming corruption?

July 11, 2024


Audience Rating: Everyone (E)

2023 Releases

Titles From 2022 & Earlier

The Garden Path

carrotcake, Mooncat Games

A slice-of-life sim about the joy of gardening, designed to be picked up and played in short and sweet bites. Whether you’re fishing, growing, trading, or making new vegetable friends, a wonderful and wistful adventure awaits when wandering The Garden Path.

July 30, 2024


Audience Rating: Pending